Long Melford Church of England Primary School

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LMPS Rainbow Reading Bingo  Challenges

We have just introduced our latest initiative to keep the high profile of reading that we value at Long Melford.

Our reading bingo cards contain a carefully chosen selection of high quality texts suitable for a variety of reading abilities. We now have all our Book Bingo Challenges set up. Click on the links to see the bingo challenge cards!

National Literacy Trust

Click on the link button below to access the National Literacy Trust website.

The N.L.T. is an independent charity dedicated to improving literacy skills within the U.K.

Although primarily it is aimed at disadvantaged communities, the Trust provides a wealth of current research as well as ways to support and foster a love of literacy.

Words for Life is the National Literacy Trust’s website for parents. Click on the link button below for great information and ideas to support your child's literacy development.