Long Melford Church of England Primary School

Story Gallery

Story Starter 1

Challenge 1 : Perfect picture!


Can you draw what might be underneath the bear’s hat?


Can you draw the contents of his suitcase?


Can you finish the story?

Challenge 2:  100 Word Challenge


The challenge is to use the prompt to write a creative piece of no more than 100 words.  The prompt is:


…when all of a sudden…


Things to consider:

What are you / main character doing at the start?

what happens?

How does this affect you/them?

How do you/they now feel?



Writing a 100 word challenge is not easy - this example was written by a Year 6 pupil in another school from the prompt of this picture:







Oozing out of the giant, other-worldly chocolate egg, the bubbling lava was coming…


“Whats happening?” screamed one of the unfortunate men trying to halt the unstoppable flow of burning liquid.


It had happened so quickly; there was a sudden flash and everything Sam knew was plunged into an abyss-like darkness. He screamed – nothing happened: he shouted – nothing happened. What had caused this? Was it a volcano eruption? This death-like blanket had been covering the town of Balerno for (according to Sam’s watch) a whopping 5 hours.


On the 6th hour, the darkness seemed to vanish in the blink of an eye, releasing the egg.


creme egg