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4th March 16


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Long Melford Church of England Facebook Group


The aim of our Facebook group is to improve communication. We will endeavour to update the group with announcements, photographs and school information. Don't worry; there will be no information here that hasn't been made available through the usual methods.


The Group is currently set to 'secret' which only parents/carers, staff, governors and MAT members can join.

The following protocols have been set up for the use of the Facebook group:


Protocol for using Long Melford C.E. Primary School Secret Group:


- All information, pictures and comments are monitored by the Head Teacher and Administrators.

- All membership and posts need approval.

- The group is not to be used for discussions, concerns or moans; these should be addressed with school staff in the conventional way.

NB *-please do not private message staff*

- Only positive comments should be added to posts.

- Any misuse of the group could result in membership being withdrawn.


We ask you to note that photographs posted there are not to be taken outside of the group - unless they are of your own child. Please respect the privacy of other families and thank you for your understanding. Please see the office if you wish to report any issues.


As time goes on, we will update the files with information you and your child may find useful - please do have a look!


Please continue to use the existing email, phone or visiting the office in person to communicate with the school. Those details can be found on the 'about' post.


Any parent who would like to join the Facebook page can be added by a parent who is currently a member of the group.  The parent will be able to see the page as soon as they have been approved by the Administrators.


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