Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Long Melford Church of England

Cordell Road, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9ED     01787 379929


'mmm,  maybe chocolate is not the best material to make a teapot out of.

Samson 005

Teacher - Fridays

Mrs Farmer

Mrs King Mrs Famer Mrs Clubb

Class Teacher

Mrs King & Samson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clubb

General Class Info

P.E. Kit


pe kit

P.E. is on Wednesdays & Thursdays your kit needs to be in school on these days.

We are Penguins

Our topic this half term is...

"Healthy Eating"


to all the children for remembering to bring their black diaries daily.

They contain some focus questions to help when reading. These will remain the same until half term.

Remember that reading and writing practise little and often is the most effective way to learn.

fruit Penguin

It's true, Mrs King's class are now officially Penguin class.


A Big Smiley thank you

to Mrs Hunter, the dental hygienist who showed us all how to clean our teeth effectively, using her giant set of teeth and brush.


After half term we will be looking out for some Roman volunteers - Be prepared!

Stories from other cultures

Within the next few weeks we will be learning about stories from other cultures - If you have a favourite please let us know.

Curriculum questions

Please click on the link below for this terms curriculum questions for parents in Microsoft Word format.


My, what big teeth you have Mrs Hunter.