Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Long Melford Church of England

Cordell Road, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9ED     01787 379929




                       Mrs Flack


Questions this term 


How many different materials can you name?

Where does rubber come from?

Where does cotton come from?

How many items can you think of that are made of three (3) different materials? 


Can you say your 10x, 5x, 4x and 2x tables?

lion lion

Home Learning

  • Reading x4 a week.

                                           (will really improve your skills)


  • Comprehension. 

 (answering questions about your reading) 


  • Spelling and handwriting. 


  • Times tables

Our topic this term is:

Famous People and Famous Events

We will be learning about famous people and what they did at different times in history. We will also look at a timeline to discover when they lived and the impact their lives had.


Look on the internet, what can you find out about the Following?

Louis Braille

Henry VIII

Queen Victoria

Christopher Columbus

Louis Pasteur

Anne Frank

The Great Fire of London

Pasteur Victoria callout