Long Melford Church of England

Cordell Road, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9ED     01787 379929


 Primary School



            Mrs Flack & Mrs Moores

Questions this term 


How many x tables do you know?

How many different habitats can you think of?

Can you work out 1/2 and 1/4 of ten different

numbers up to 100?

Can you name a famous person who

was born in East Anglia?

How many poems can you recite?


lion lion
  • Reading x4 a week.

  • Spelling (tested on Fridays)

  • Times tables x10, x5, x3 and x2

(tested on Fridays)

Our topic this term is:


questionmark homelearning

We will be learning about


Plants and Creatures

that are found in

different habitats.





images[9] Snail-008[1] spider-04[1] hanging_vines_png_by_moonglowlilly-d67pawc[1] Spring_Grass_with_Flowers_PNG_Clipart_Picture[1]