Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Long Melford Church of England

Cordell Road, Long Melford, Suffolk, CO10 9ED     01787 379929



                       Mrs Flack


               Our topic this term is... 







We will be learning about the people, children, animals, homes, schools, food and weather.


We will be looking for similarities and differences.






Questions this term 


What can you find out about Africa?


Where is it on a world map?


What is a rainforest like?


Who and what lives there?


Which stories can you find that are set in Africa?


Can you say your x10, x5 and x2 tables?

How many numbers can you double?

 How many numbers can you halve?






Africa map lion lion

Home Learning

  • Reading x4 a week.

                                           (will really improve your skills)


  • Comprehension. 

 (answering questions about your reading) 


  • Spelling and handwriting. 


  • Times tables