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Voluntary Controlled Primary School


Spring Term Learning Themes

Earth and Space


Recent Class Successes


Lots of Tigers have been awarded Mathletics certificates.

Keep doing this every day.

Current home learning - important information


Reading every day.  Make sure your reading record sheet is signed.  Thank you.  Remember to have a story then an information book.

Try to go on Mathletics EVERY day.


Monday = New spellings given for test the next


Thursday = Topic work for the next week.


Friday = Maths Skills to haind in for the next Fri.


Any problems then please ask for our help ASAP.  

Becoming a powerful learner theme for the term

Powerful Learners Explore and Investigate.

Powerful Learners Experiment and Explain.


Mr Fossett

Tigers Class

Word Puzzle

Well done to all the class for our outside day.  Our visitors in the morning were impressed by the children's enthusiasm with the bulb planting.  I was really pleased with the brilliant pieces of art (inspired by Andy Goldsworthy) that the children produced in the afternoon.

These questions should give you a flavour of the learning we will be doing in class.

Powerful Learners

How can you explore and investigate unknown things?!

What skills do you use when you are experimenting with something?

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.

What goals do you have for this year?

What goals do you have for your life?


What are the different planets like?

What is space like and how can we find out about it?


Can you write a short mystery story?

What skills do you need to make an argument and debate?


Can you plot the co-ordinates of different points?

Can measure the perimeter and area of different shapes?

Parents and families - if you have any ideas or resources that you think might help us to answer these questions, then we would love to hear from you.



Remember to bring your Home Folder to school each day.  Keep your reading records, maths home learning and other important bits in it.  You are welcome to organise it in the best way for you.



Future class events.


February = Bikeabilty

Maths Memory Gym


1.  4, 500

Class Book -Sport is Fun Class Book - Sports Poems


Paper copies for costumes sent home today.























Kentwell Money for flapjacks, biscuits or peaches.

75p = 1 old pence

£1.50 = half groat

£2.25 = thruppence

£3 = 1 groat

Costume Notes General Costume Notes Girls Girls' Hat Costume Notes Boys Boys' Hat How to make a Cupstring Tudor Phrase Book_0 Kentwell Video Kentwell Video Interactive Maths Games

Check with an adult BEFORE you watch the video clips.

Trapped Sentences Book - The personality potion

Swimming Lessons at Kingfisher.  Kits every Friday please.  Hats required.  No jewellery.

Interactive Reading and Writing

And finally...


Thank you to all of the parents and children for the lovely cards and Christmas presents.

images tiger Newsround

Top Swimming Changers!

Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.