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Spring Term Learning Themes


Our Wonderful World


Recent Class Successes

Brilliant effort with Sports Relief Mile.  



People have been making a massive effort to learn the script and song words for our play Daniel.   More details and dates to follow soon.


We have started a new 'Times Tables Challenge'.  Lots of the class have done really well on the first few tests.  Make sure you show your families when you take them home!

Current home learning - important information

Have a look at the e-books I have put on our page.


Reading every day.  Make sure your reading record sheet is signed.  Thank you.  Remember to have a story then an information book.

Record the maths games you play on the sheet.

Write a maths challenge and give to Mr M.



Becoming a powerful learner theme for the half term

Powerful Learners are courageous

Powerful Learners investigate and experiment

Current key research questions


What foods and ingredients do we use from India?

How is rice produced?

What languages are spoken in different countries?




Home learning - website links.




                                                Maths Weekly Home Learning.   Wednesday 27th March

1.  Times tables = 7 & 9.  Extension =  Count backwards in the multiples.

2. Skill = Adding 100 on to any number

3. Interactive game of the week = Ordering decimal numbers


Thanks for your efforts with the maths challenges.  Please feel very free to keep learning the skills all week, so that you have lots of chance to develop them.  Ask a grown up to make you a new challenge based on the ones here.


Challenge 41.  School dinners cost £2.20 each day.  Same wants to have them every day for 3 weeks.  How much will this cost in total?  (Thank you Katie)


Challenge 42.  I think of a number and double it.   Then I multiply in by 10.  Then I add 100.  I have 340.  What number did I start with?


Our whole school maths focus for this term is DIVISION.  Learning your tables will really help this.

Try and write me a word problem or a puzzle for next week please.  Make sure you can work out the answer!

Remember to record the maths games that you play.  If you need another sheet just ask.

Mr Moulton and

Mrs Tonks' Class


Last updated


Word Puzzle

Well done to all the class for our outside day.  Our visitors in the morning were impressed by the children's enthusiasm with the bulb planting.  I was really pleased with the brilliant pieces of art (inspired by Andy Goldsworthy) that the children produced in the afternoon.


Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation


Word to include in your talking and writing.



Our Wonderful World

These questions should give you a flavour of the learning we will be doing in class.

Powerful Learners

How can you be courageous when your learning is a challenge?

How can planning and organising help you to investigate and experiment?

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.

What are my GOALS to achieve this year and in the future?  What preparation can I do now?


What similarities and differences can I find between our village and a village in India?

What is everyday life like in different cultures around the world?


What writing skills / tools can I use to produce excellent instructions and information writing?

How can a thesaurus help to develop my writing?


How can I organise, present, analyse and interpret the data in tables, diagrams, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts?


What is the best insulator to prevent ice melting?

How can we keep a jacket potato hot?



Remember to show Mr M all of your maths challenges on a Monday or Friday.  Thanks!


We love all of the new folders you have for your Reading Records.  Please make sure they have your names on them so they can easily be handed out!


Check all PE kits are named.


Our lessons will be on Friday mornings, so please remember to bring your flute.

Try a milk bottle!

Two tone tooting

Greg Patillo

Maths Memory Gym


1.  4, 500

Class Book -Sport is Fun Class Book - Sports Poems


Paper copies for costumes sent home today.























Kentwell Money for flapjacks, biscuits or peaches.

75p = 1 old pence

£1.50 = half groat

£2.25 = thruppence

£3 = 1 groat

Costume Notes General Costume Notes Girls Girls' Hat Costume Notes Boys Boys' Hat How to make a Cupstring Tudor Phrase Book_0 Kentwell Video Kentwell Video Interactive Maths Games

Check with an adult BEFORE you watch the video clips.

Trapped Sentences Book - The personality potion

The word to tell Mr M or Mrs T = stage

Interactive Reading and Writing

And finally...


Keep reading your script and song words for Daniel!  We are looking forward to producing this play in the next few weeks.

Indian Picture 1