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Autumn Term Learning Themes

The Anglo Saxons


Recent Class Successes

Lots of people have moved up to the high levels on our 'Times Tables Challenge'.  Lots of the class have been making a real effort to learn the facts that they don't know.  Make sure you show your families when you take them home!  We are now moving on to the division facts.


Josh won a tennis tournament last weekend.  Well Done.

Current home learning - important information

Have a look at the e-books I have put on our page.


Reading every day.  Make sure your reading record sheet is signed.  Thank you.  Remember to have a story then an information book.

Record the maths games you play on the sheet.

Write a maths challenge and give to Mr M.



Becoming a powerful learner theme for the half term

Powerful Learners are reflective

Powerful Learners are great members of any team

Home learning - website links.




                                                Maths Weekly Home Learning.   Wednesday 15th October

1.  Times tables = 3  4  5.  Extension =  Learn the division tables that go with these.

2. On-going skills =

3. Interactive game of the week =


On-going skills to keep at the front of your brain.




Mr Moulton and

Mrs Tonks

Tigers Class

Last updated


Word Puzzle

Well done to all the class for our outside day.  Our visitors in the morning were impressed by the children's enthusiasm with the bulb planting.  I was really pleased with the brilliant pieces of art (inspired by Andy Goldsworthy) that the children produced in the afternoon.


Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation


Words to include in your talking and writing.



Our Wonderful Village

These questions should give you a flavour of the learning we will be doing in class.

Powerful Learners

What are my strengths as a member of different teams?

How can reflecting help me to improve further?

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.

What different relationships do we have in our lives?

How do I cope when different changes occur in my life?


What was life like for poor people during Tudor times?

How can we use different types of evidence to find out about the past?


How can I write a diary extract from the viewpoint of a sailor in the Elizabethan era?


Can I visualise 3d objects from 2d drawings?  Can I make nets of common solid shapes?

Can I tell the time on digital and analogue clocks and use them to solve word problems?


What substances dissolve in water?

How can we separate soil and water





We love all of the new folders you have for your Reading Records.  Please make sure they have your names on them so they can easily be handed out!





Maths Memory Gym


1.  4, 500

Class Book -Sport is Fun Class Book - Sports Poems


Paper copies for costumes sent home today.























Kentwell Money for flapjacks, biscuits or peaches.

75p = 1 old pence

£1.50 = half groat

£2.25 = thruppence

£3 = 1 groat

Costume Notes General Costume Notes Girls Girls' Hat Costume Notes Boys Boys' Hat How to make a Cupstring Tudor Phrase Book_0 Kentwell Video Kentwell Video Interactive Maths Games

Check with an adult BEFORE you watch the video clips.

Trapped Sentences Book - The personality potion

The word to tell Mr M or Mrs T =

Interactive Reading and Writing

And finally...



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