Long Melford Church of England Primary School

Year 6 Kingswood: Day 1 - Monday

By Mrs Woolmer, Jun 11 2019 08:18AM

We've arrived! After a coach journey that seemed to go on forever, we arrived at our destination in bright sunshine! Hooray... the weather forecasters had got their predictions wrong! But not for long....the rain came. It hasn't stopped any of the fun though - quite the opposite - the children have loved getting stuck into the mud and wet activities. Be warned...there will be plenty of washing needed when we return!

The rooms are comfortable and the children settled in quickly. There was some confusion about how to make their beds but after some head scratching and demonstration, all were successful in sorting their beds - phew!

Activities today have included STEM - a problem solving activity building contraptions, Laser and Nightline. Laser and Nighline have proved to be very popular. Running in the woods and rain firing lasers and poor Mrs Strellis and Mrs Sandford was a definite winner - I wonder why? Nightline was hilarious - it involved the children being blindfolded and being led through an obstacle course - awesome!

The children settled down to sleep pretty well - it was obvious they had a busy and tiring day. We're all looking forward to tomorrow as it is high rope activities.

Due to the weather there appears to be a real issue with getting a signal to send messages, make phone calls etc. Mr Vale-Smith has tried standing on a chair, holding his phone out of the window etc to try and get a signal, but with no luck. For this reason there will be no photos appearing on the posts until the children return on Wednesday.

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