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Year 6 Kingswood Blog!

By guest, Jul 22 2011 12:13PM

Monday 12th June

Wow! What a busy first day! The coach journey was fine without anyone (including Mrs Sandford) feeling travel sick. We were greeted at Kingswood by Harry - who is our group leader. The children immediately liked him and we were quickly shown around the site and our home for the next few days. The girls are very pleased as they are all sharing a large bedroom. Within minutes they had organised themselves and made their beds. The boys on the other hand, found the concept of making their own bed very challenging! Daniel and Harry in particular found the whole ordeal very taxing! I also have no idea how a bedroom can descend into chaos within minutes - I think they'll have their work cut out when it comes to room inspection in the morning!

After settling in, we all had our packed lunch overlooking the beach. The site has wonderful views and is very impressive with plenty of space to explore. Our first activities included climbing. The children loved this and quickly overcame their fears. Some of the girls managed to reach the top in no time! Mrs Sandford was also able to get at least 4 feet off the ground - beating last year's record!

We all loved aeroball which was a strange combination of basketball and trampolining. Josh R was a natural and a sure future aeroball star! The day whizzed by and soon it was dinner time. The children had a choice of chicken or lasagne and garlic bread. Huge helpings were given - they certainly feed you up here! Just before bed we carried out a hilarious activity called nightline - the children were blindfolded and guided through an obstacle course.

We are all looking forward to tomorrow where we will be going to the beach, abseiling, caving and orienteering. I have just checked in on the girls and they are busy doing hair and makeup. The boys seem to be getting a second wind, so wish me luck - I think its going to be a long night!

Matt, Mrs Sandford and the Year 6 massive x

Jun 12 2017 10:56PM by Mrs Woolmer

You all sound as if you are having a great time. I hope you have lots of photos of aeroball - it sounds fun! Well done Mrs Sandford - a new personal record on Day 1!
Hope you get a good night's sleep!!!
Take Care!

Jun 13 2017 11:27AM by deborah arnold

hi everyone!!
sounds like you are all having an awesome time! everything at school is much quieter with you guys away, but the nursery and reception children are really missing their 'big friends'.
Cant wait to hear everything when you get home.
lots of love and kisses to Emily xxx

Jun 13 2017 02:16PM by Pip

Sounds epic! Hope you're all feeling more confident and independent being away! Lots of love to all x x x

Jun 13 2017 05:14PM by Mrs Gentry

Hello Mr V-S, Mrs Sandford and Year 6,
It sounds like you are having a great time, hope the good weather and fun continues for you. Looking forward to hearing all about your fun, games and outdoor adventures on your return!
Mrs Gentry :-)

Jun 13 2017 05:14PM by Steph Devereux

Wish I was there! Sounds like brilliant fun, enjoy the rest of your time there xx

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