Long Melford Church of England Primary School

Y6 Kingswood - The latest update! Day 2 - Tuesday

By Mrs Woolmer, Jun 11 2019 09:23PM

As I write this, the rain has ceased and the children are busy playing Aeroball. It's a game which mixes trampolining and basketball. Later on, its laser and Nightline which will be great fun.

Today was full on; breakfast started at 7.30am so many were blurry eyed. Full English Breakfast was chosen by most and finished within minutes.

After a few games outside, it was time for archery and the crate stack. The crate stack involved the children working in pairs to balance on milk crates. Most got really high with the record standing at 10 crates by Savannah and Charlotte R.

Later, shelter building and initiative games meant that the afternoon whizzed by.

All children are fine and having fun although some are looking a little tired! I think they'll sleep well tonight - wish us luck!

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